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One of our core strength is human resource Recruitment. We cater our services to clients across India under dedicated staffing service entity. Our process and strong technological platform further guarantees a smooth and hassle free functioning of our services to our clients and associates. A strong financial background with the best processes on place ensure of strong base in the HR outsourcing domain. We provide client companies with a customized set of integrated services. Each engagement is viewed as partnership with the common goal of seamless and efficient planning, communication, interaction and control among multiple assignments and functions across the organization.

Permanent Recruitment

Executive Search involves in the recruitment of senior level postings across business domains. we help our clients in finding the right candidate for the suitable positions, through our human resource team. Our list of clients for whom we provide senior level recruitments include companies belongings to sectors like information technology, health care and pharmacy, management consultancy, FMCG, banking, insurance and financial services, to name a few.

Candidate selection: With an extensive database we can manage to satisfy in getting their dream job and recruiters to find the right candidate. We have a wide professionl community network and database consisting of many big Companies and reputed institutions from every sector. The candidate’s database is also huge with different kinds of candidates who can boast of enormous and quality potential.

Contract Staffing

Our Contract staffing involves in hiring an employee on a temporary basis. This gives an opportunity for the employer to take the right candidates for full time. Contract employees will work with you for the amount of time that you need them and not any longer. The time period is usually pre-specified. The time limit can be project based also. For instance, client need a contract employee for a specific project that will take only two months. In this case you will need to ensure that the project is completed in the precise time by the temporary employee. They are a very good resource when you are short staffed and need some replacements temporarily. Contract employees have gone for their vacation and you need a substitute right away to take care of the pending work.

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