5 Keyskills That Every Good Business Analyst Should Possess


5 Keyskills That Every Good Business Analyst Should Possess

5 Keyskills That Every Good Business Analyst Should Possess:

Strong Analytical Ability
Business Analyst should have strong analytical ability, where he/she can understand, visualize and analyse the problem and gather more information against it, to determine which course of action will correct the business problem. Strong Analytical skills will help the business Analyst in performing his/her job successfully.

Good Communication
The primary role of a business analyst is to communicate with users, clients, Project Managers and IT Staff. It is also important that a Business Analyst should know how to ask right question to collect maximum amount of information possible, then transform and forward it to the technical team. Fluent language skills and written communication abilities are necessary to thrive in a business analyst career.

Should Be a Good Listener
There is a saying “Great listeners are great winners in their work and personal life”. Listening skills are key to being a successful Business Analyst. A business Analyst should really listen to the speaker and can able to understand the context of what’s being said.

Domain Knowledge

For a Business Analyst having domain knowledge is an added value. It helps in to understand the business process, requirements, terminologies and problem solutions. For a business analyst having a domain knowledge will increase the confidence while speaking with the end users.

Managerial Skills
A Business Analyst should have the ability to manage projects. Should have ability to communicate with the project managers, Team lead and the IT Staff to keep everyone one the project within allotted time.

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