Agile Principles

Agile Principles

Agile Principles

The Agile follows these principles:

  1. Satisfy the customer through very early and continuous delivery of valuable solutions with a high priority.
  2. Always welcome change requirements every time and even late in development. For the competitive advantage of customer agile process is very renowned.
  3. Delivering working software frequently with duration from a couple of weeks to couple of months and preferred to finish in less time.
  4. Throughout the project developers and business people work together.
  5. Motivate the individuals in the project by trusting them and giving them the environment and support to get the job done.
  6. Face-to-face conversation is very efficient and effective method of conveying information to and with the development team.
  7. Progress is measured only by the working software.
  8. The Stakeholders of the project should be able to maintain a constant pace without a fixed limit of time as the agile process promotes Sustainable development.
  9. In agile Continuous attention to good design and excellence in the technical issues are needed.
  10. Simplicity is very essential in agile.
  11. In Agile self-organizing teams provide the best architectures, requirements and the designs.
  1. The team reflections on how to become more effectively and adjusts its behavior accordingly with regular intervals.


Agile For Dummies, IBM Limited Edition


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