As a business analyst, quite often we might have come through this aspect that what is the difference between Business Requirements Document (BRD), Functional Requirement Specifications (FRS), and System Requirement Specifications (SRS). Well in context of an IT industry, there is absolutely no agreement as to which document should contain which information and to what extent of detail. The puzzle is that regardless of the name, the content of these documents was pretty much the same. Therefore, here arises a question, what is the principal difference between these documents?


According to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) a Business Requirements Document is a requirements package that describes business requirements and stakeholder requirements. BRD is a high level document that contains the entire requirement demanded by the client. The focus of the BRD is to demonstrate the ultimate solution to the business requirement and what steps should be implemented in order to achieve those needs.

Contents of Business Requirements Document:-

v  Purpose of the project.

v  The client, the customer and the stakeholders.

v  Users of the Project.

v  Business changes to be implemented.

v  Stakeholder details (RACI).

v  The scope of the product.

v  Usability and Humanity requirements.

v  Performance requirements.

v  Assumptions and constraints

v  Risk analysis.

v  Terms and conditions (Legal information).

Functional Requirements Specifications (FRS) document specifies the requirements, shaped into functionality and explains how the particular requirement is going to work as a part of proposed system. FRS describes the requested behavior of an engineering system.

Contents of Functional Requirement Specifications Document:-

v  Purpose.

v  Specific inputs.

v  Scope of the system.

v  Functional behavior of the system.

v  Defined output of the system.

System Requirements Specification (SRS) document is an inclusive explanation of the intended purpose and framework for software under development. SRS describes about the overall functionality of the system. The specification may include a set of use cases that describe interactions the users will have with the software. IEEE Std.830 prescribes the documentation for SRS.

Please refer the below link for IEEE Standard SRS Template                   


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