Business Analyst Career

Aspects need to keep in mind before jumping into Business Analyst Career

Business Analyst Career

Are you planning to be part of one of the fast growing professions in the recent past? Assess yourself individually that you have transferable skills to Business Analysis domain area coupled with good experience and exposure that pave way to become a potential candidature for Business Analyst Position.  The emergence of Business Analysis profession is one of the best things that have happened to commercial organisations in the last decade. Organisations who recruited, nurtured and developed business analyst career are experiencing huge ROIs on the projects.

Job Profile of Business Analysists (BA)

  • Work Profile Identifying business needs and providing matching solutions to solve the business problems from the perspective of the particular clients is what is called Business Analysis. So a Business analyst mind set should be consultative in nature and need to think in more than 3 dimensions or angles to empathise the client’s problems and to provide suggestive application to the particular client.
  • Competencies / Knowledge Areas: Key competences need to be developed by a Business Analyst in understanding the structure of the businesses and its key business processes is the primary competency. Updating oneself with recent trends in terms of market analysis, best practices across the industries or organisations, exposure to different domain areas etc.
  • Skills and Experience:  A Business Analyst must possess skills in Managerial, Functional and Behavioural aspects, which are the crux of any Business Analysis profile. Some of them are Modeling skills, experience in planning and estimating work processes, creating and presenting effective business cases, Conducting Training Sessions etc – list is not comprehensive and it represents some of the skills that transferable to business analysis.

Three main rewards an individual get if be part of Business Analysis Profile

  • Level of Autonomy:  All through the SDLC, Requirements Engineering and Management are highly autonomous job, where it needs zero pressure from any quarter of the project. At the same time, zero interference in the event of the mapping the process or in elicitation phase. It means a Business Analyst need to possess self-motivation to gear up for Requirements Management or any act being delivered by a BA.
  • Magnitude of Complexity: Analysing complex and complicated business processes liaison among multiple Business Units need to Co-ordinate Ocean of people, manage the IT teams, negotiate requirements, facilitate PMs in estimating etc.
  • Connection between Effort and Reward: Organizations over a period of time realised competent Business Analysts are core resources of any project. The ability to communicate effectively and efficiently, facilitate indispensable with right analysis are present day companies’ need and necessity to understand both business and technology well couple with ample exposure.

And, finally it is true that   Business Analysts are the best paid professionals in today’s job market in terms of financial and non-financial aspects.

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