What can be called as requirements ?

What can be called as requirements ?

Business analysis begins with clarifying the business goals of an organisation and specifically for the particular project. This is the starting point of Business Analysis with any organisation where the primary objective is the requirements and tries to give solution to that particular business that gives must impetus to achieve the business goals with consistency.  Here Business Analysts should consider business constraints also which show considerable impact on the capacity to achieve the identified goals. It is impossible to propose / build a solution difficult to build a solution unless requirements of the firm are not clearly known or identified.

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What is a Requirement?

A requirement is a need or necessity that can be related to physical, technical and functional in nature. Or it can be a need that needs to be refined or enhanced. Here a need can be a product or service. In other words, can be a raw or unprocessed need that requires inputs or efforts externally which turn out as a solution to the client. We can understand the concept “requirement” A client looking for a system to receive feedback from their esteemed customers. This can be called as client’s requirement which need inputs from the client side and co-ordinate the design team to design an application. This includes functional aspects and technical aspects to convert the requirements into design and develop an application into a solution like feedback portal.

In the business world, requirements can be defined precisely as what a business house going to achieve, create or accomplish and what type of efforts need to include and not to include, Then comes aspects like how it can be done, whom to be assigned etc.

To identify requirements, a BA needs to define the project’s need and necessity along with a suggestive solution. Requirements can be documented in the form of clearly written documents which consists of charts, graphs, diagrams, use cases, and mock-ups etc.

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