Cautions for a BA !!!

Cautions for a BA !!!

Note: I have penned down few concerning areas. Please add more points if I have missed out on something.Let us make it more participating.

Cautions for a BA

Cautions for a BA

It has been found out that a good percentage of IT projects fail, say for example 50 to 60% due to Requirements gathered in the initial stages. If you go through the internet there are many different studies and surveys have proven the same.  A Successful project is achieved when requirements are gathered, while sticking  to the proposed time and budget. One of the key reasons for project failure is a sub-standard requirement analysis.  In the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) as requirements gathering and analysis is crucial to the success of any IT project Execution of these two phases, requirement gathering and analysis are bound to have a positive impact on the activity leading to high quality deliverables and a higher level of customer satisfaction. Failure to do so can result to high costs,  late completion and not so good customer relationships.

The client may have some technical knowledge and while discussing the high level requirements, they may end up suggesting technical specifications. In this case, BA must not get carried away and should focus on business needs and those technical details can be discussed with your technical team later for the feasibility of the requirements, in turn that may be documented in Design document. All the functionality is documented in BRD initially as we all know.

Business Analyst should take the ownership of the requirements. Before communicating these requirements to the developers and the QA teams for their feedback. BA must ensure that all the details are crisp and clear and leave nothing to discussed for any changes. BA should make sure that he or she freezes both requirements and scope before the development. Once the requirements are signed off, the development team can start working on it, otherwise, a late sign off means, there will be a delay in everything right from development time, quality of the code till testing it. Hence the project can scope creep.

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