What is Change Request?

Introduction – In any project, Change Request arises from the client’s end, where the client wants Value addition or some alteration to the signed off agreement or agreed-upon deliverables earlier.  This change can be an additional feature or customisation or an extension of agreed service. Most of the time, change requests not covered in the earlier signed-off agreements and can aspects beyond the scope earlier identified.

Statement of Problem – Managing change in the event of requirements is a very difficult task to handle in the middle of the software development process. It can be tumultuous and chaotic. And another important aspect is whether accept the CR or refuse the particular CR is a major aspect before the software company. They need to think of by taking ifs and buts to take any decision. On the top, if CRs are not managed properly, the circumstances can be costly in terms of budget, timelines  and efforts and ultimately leads to project’s failure.

What is Change Request?

What is Change Request?

What is Change Request?

  • A change request is a formal proposal for an alteration to some product or system.
  • A Change Request (CR) is a formally submitted artifact that is used to track all stakeholder requests (including new features, enhancement requests, defects, changed requirements, etc.) along with related status information throughout the project lifecycle.
  • A change request is a document containing a call for an adjustment of a system; it is of great importance in the change management process.

Changing Requirements on Project – Software requirements are subjected to continuous changes for bad and good reasons. The real problem however, is not that software requirements change during the life of a project, but that they usually change out of a framework of disciplined planning and control processes. If adequately managed, Change Requests (CR) may represent precious opportunities to achieve a better customer satisfaction and profitability. If not managed, instead, CR represents threats for the project success.

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