The Childish BA within you

The Childish BA within you

I am sure all of us love to interact with children, so let me ask a question, what do you find most common in a child?

childish BA

Isn’t it that they ask lot of interesting questions. Recently I was spending time with my family and I spent time with my niece who is 6 years old. I took her to a children park and on the way she started to ask me series of questions as usual; Why is the park not next to our house? Who built the park? How much time did it take? And so on…I patiently kept on answering her with the best of my abilities. It was an amazing experience to sit back and think how open children are to ask questions, ask follow up questions, how curious they are. However this amazing skill diminishes once we are grown up, we are so much concerned about others opinion on our question and many more clouds in mind which potentially stop us to ask questions at home, among friends, at work place; this made me to bring the analogy of childish Business Analyst within us.

One of the important characteristics of a Business Analyst is to ask the right questions, at the right time, to the right stakeholders. Most of the requirement gathering activities depend on the ability of a Business Analyst to ask questions. Many a times we would have realized that we missed out the requirement since we did not ask the questions we had to. How do we avoid this? I perceive, if we can bring up the child within us and allow it to think about the business problem statement, we will come with many basic questions and by using these questions we can avoid errors in requirement gathering and elicitation. Most importantly we can avoid failures of projects.

So, let the childish BA within you be awake!

What do you think about your childish BA abilities? leave your comments below!

Note : Watch this space for more!

  1. Phani Kumar P.V. 2 years ago

    This is Amazing …. Simply the best… you spilled the beans….

  2. Author
    jatin mishra 2 years ago

    Thank you very much Venkat. Glad to know that you liked Childish BA within us.

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