Critical Success Factors

Critical Success Factors

Critical Success Factors

The modern day software projects with all their versatility and complexity often result in delays, failure, abandoned or rejected projects reflecting the need of a substantial aspects or a defined set of elements which provides a basis to realize the project Critical Success factors are the essential area(s) of activities that necessarily have to be performed well in order to achieve a successful outcome or a result. CSFs form the vital elements which substantiate an organization’s current operating activities and its impact on its future aspects.

CSFs in a project depend on the size of the project but preferred not be large. The more the number of CSFs the greater is the confusion.  It is vital that the CSFs are associated with the principal problem of the project. There exist instances when compliance with local or national law forms a CSF. In such cases falling short to meet the CSF can hamper the project.

Some of the significant CSFs required to benchmark accomplishment in a project/ organization are:

  •  Required Compliance: For example the compliance required establishes that section 8 of the project should meet the Government Regulation / Acts specified.
  • Required Ownership: The project developed should be a user-centered and participatory design, allowing the stakeholders to learn and adapt.
  • Migration Requirement: (in case the project is being migrated from existing system into a new one): Functionalities relating to logging into the system should remain and function as in the previous system, while changes can be made as required for other areas.

The CSFs act as a yardstick to prioritize the requirements. The less related they are to the requirement the lower is its priority.  The least of the priority can be at times dropped temporarily or permanently at times. The lucidity of CSFs helps the team in achieving the requirements.


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