Necessity of documenting requirements

What is the Necessity of documenting requirements to a Business Analyst ?

documenting requirements

Backbone of the Project – Requirements can be called as the backbone of any project, irrespective the domain area the organisation belongs to.  This helps different stakeholders of the project understand the needs or necessities of users / end-users in providing a best possible solution to meet their needs.  All through the SDLC, a unique identifier in the whole project can be traced to Requirements. Qualitative information provided in the requirements documents definitely plays a key role in the success of any project.  The single most key deliverable in the whole project other than the IT solution is requirements documentation.
Qualitative documents are core to any project where requirements documentation is no exception. A number of stakeholders use documented requirements for number of reasons with focus on providing better solution.
1.    The first and foremost reason for documenting requirements is to identify core business scenarios in relation to core business issues, which are very much relevant to the project.
2.    Entering into an agreement where both the client team and the IT Organisation especially tech team who are the solution providers.
3.    Documenting requirements from the beginning, helps the stakeholders to trace back the changes being done to the requirements and it can identified further where it affects directly the time and budget of the project.

So, eliciting requirements is one important aspect in business analysis and documenting properly is another one. One of the KSF (Key Success Factor) factors for project success is good requirements management.

Research studies proved time and again that spending qualitative time on elicitation the requirements and documenting pay rich dividends in terms of time, budget and ultimately project delivery.


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