Business Analyst for Ecommerce

Ecommerce refers to online businesses where customers buys and sells products. Where in ecommerce website transactions are done online electronically and for this very reason it is called E- Commerce.


 It is further again divided into 3 categories

1.      B2C
2.      B2B
3.      C2C

Let’s have a quick look on these points.

1.      B2C refers to business transactions between Business – to – Customer (End users). For example www.flipkart.comwhere merchants are selling the products to customers directly. Customers makes a payment using credit cards, debit cards, Net Banking , Cash on Delivery . etc..
2.      B2B refers to business transactions between Business – to – Business. Here customers are other businesses at both ends. It is typical relationship between Manufacturer and a Wholesaler  or between a Wholesaler or Retailer. For example . Here Users from Business request for a quote as the quantity will be more in numbers.
3.      C2C refers to business transactions between Customer – to –  Customer. IT is similar to B2C. The only difference is A customer can market their products for sale without any middleman and this will inturn be again bought by a customer.
For example . Here Customers makes a payment using credit cards, debit cards, Net Banking , Cash on Delivery . etc..

A typical process of ecommerce where:

1.      Customer Registers on ecommerce website
2.      Browses and selects the product
3.      Adds the product to the cart
4.      Makes a payment online electronically
5.      Order is dispatched to customer once the payment is paid
6.      Goods are Delivered to customer

Benefits to Merchant for doing business online:

1.      Merchant can reach wide number of audience this way
2.      Can show case wide rage or products online which is higher rate than a physical store.
3.      Middle men and staff are eliminated and it allows merchant to create promotions and discounts and for cheaper price than physical stores

Benefits to Customers for buying online:

1.      Can get the same deal for cheaper price when compared to physical store
2.      Its quick easy and convenient
3.      Customer has options to compare wide range of products before buying
4.      Better deals because of sales and promotions
5.      Products are door delivered and saves time for customers

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