The process of easing or helping a process to achieve its goal effectively is called facilitation. The person who possesses the art of facilitation is called as a facilitator. The relation between facilitation and facilitator can be co-related to that of business analysis and business analyst.

Organising a meeting can be divided into pre meeting activities, post meeting activates and activities during meeting. Facilitator performs different activities during different phases of meeting which are discussed below,

Activities of a facilitator before conducting a meeting

  • Research the meeting
  • Understand the goal of the meeting
  • Decide about the participants
  • Informing and updating participants about meeting details

Activities of a facilitator during a meeting is to

  • Initiate the process
  • Create a friendly environment
  • Drive the discussion towards the objective
  • Document the outcomes of the session
  • Keep time
  • Encourage participation from all members

Activities of a facilitator post meeting

  • Thank you mail to the participants
  • Updating the concerned department about the outcome
  • Update  participants about the outcomes of the meeting

IT is very important for the facilitator to remain neutral during the meeting. If the facilitator has biased opinions or expertise in the subject matter of discussion, it is better to make him a participant and hire an external facilitator.

All in all a good facilitator must have the following skills,

ü  People management skills

ü  Communication skills

ü  Listening and effective questioning

ü  Being neutral to the discussion


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