Flow chart

Flow chart was introduced by Frank Gilbreth in 1921 in the presentation Process Charts to the members of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Flow chart

Flow chart

A flowchart is a kind of diagram that represents process in representing the steps as boxes of various kinds, and orders them by connecting them with arrows.

This helps in finding a solution for a given problem. They help in analyzing, designing, documenting program in various fields.

Flowchart is a marvelous procedure for systems developers in reducing the uncertainty in the relationships among objects, information, people and processes.

Since the  rate of  usage increased day by day flow charting symbols were  made consistent  and are included in virtually all graphics and word processing products.

They are used to handle simple charts.  As complexity increases in charts and relationships, there are many more differentiated products available.

A few types of flow charts are as follows:

1) SPECIALIZED FLOW CHARTS helps in specific issues in software development. (REFER FIG:1)

2) DATA FLOW DIAGRAMS finds the movement of information in a process, how information enters and leaves   in a system, changes in the information, where information is stored. (REFER FIG: 2)

3) BUSINESS PROCESS MAPS defines the components specific activity, what a business entity is, standards to be followed for business process should be completed. (REFER FIG: 3)

4) STATE TRANSITION DIAGRAMS identify the behavior of systems. (REFER FIG: 4)

5) ENTITY RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAMS DESCRIBES the relationships between entities, and describes the attributes for entities, and relationship between entities. (REFER FIG:5)


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