Force Field Analysis


force field analysis

Dr. Kurt Lewin developed Force Field Analysis which plays a vital role in change analysis and its management. It is based on two forces driving forces and restraining forces, when these two forces are balanced the status Quo is maintained.

For change to take place driving forces should be stronger than restraining forces.

Force Field analysis will help business analyst to understand what might be involved in any potential project or process change.

To conduct Force Field Analysis BA should gather information about

  • Current situation status.
  • Identify the problem (gap) that the change is intended to address.
  • Identify the key players.
  • Understand their position, and try to find ways for changing it.
  • Understand and check the costs and benefits associated with the proposed change (not just

Monetary but also in terms of power and politics).

Let us understand Force field analysis through example.

In Figure 1.1

Strength of the force

The shorter the arrow is, the weaker the force

 The longer the arrow stronger the force would be

In the figure 1.1 the driving forces are stronger than restraining forces in this case the change will take place.

However there can be scenarios when restraining forces are stronger than driving forces

This is common; restraining forces may be greater than the driving force if action is not taken.

With this information in hand, the Business Analyst can develop a strategy to address the issues of those who will resist change and maximize the benefits perceived by those in favor. Alternatively, it may also help to determine that the current situation has too many resisting forces and that this change should be deferred.

Advantages of FFA

  1. Closes the Gaps before hand, which may be discovered later.
  2. Analyzes how to achieve goal and minimizes the barriers.
  3. Helps to recognize about the circumstances which can or cannot be changed .
  4. Identified by need analysis

Limitations of FFA:

  1. All aspects of the problem may not be identified.
  2. May over simplify the the relationship between factors that impact the problem.
  3. Subject need collaborative thinking and agreement.

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