Joint Application Development (JAD)

JAD stands for “Joint Application Development”.

Joint Application Development is a requirements-definition and software system design methodology in which stakeholders, subject matter experts (SME), end-users, software architects and developers attend intense off-site meetings to work out a system’s details.

role of business analyst in agile process

role of business analyst in agile process

JAD Purpose: To define the project, blueprint a solution, and monitor the project until it reaches finishing point.

JAD beliefs: The JAD process is based on four effortless ideas:

  1. People who actually do a job have the best understanding of that job.
  2. People who are trained in information technology have the best understanding of the possibilities of that technology.
  3. Information systems and business processes rarely exist in isolation — they transcend the confines of any single system or office and effect work in associated departments. People working in these related areas have valuable approaching on the role of a system within a larger community.
  4. The best information systems are designed when all of these groups work together on a project as equal partners.

JAD Scope – The JAD should cover the complete development life cycle of a system. The JAD is generally a 3 to 6 month distinct project. For large-scale projects, it is recommended that the project be approach incrementally, and that take apart JAD’s be used for each increase.

Who is involved in a JAD?

  • Sponsor
  • Business Users
  • Systems Analysts

Project Sponsor – Remember, this is the person who owns the business process. Their support and participation is important to the success of the JAD. In addition to the project responsibilities    listed below, the project sponsor and the lead analyst can share the role of Project Leader, being equally responsible for the successful completion of the JAD.

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