KPI for Business Analysts-II

KPI for Business Analysts-II

KPI is an approach to keep track of the goals to manage through defining and measuring progress. Key performance indicators’ view is long-term in nature, which provides project success and defines l inefficiencies and possible failures in a very simpler manner.KPI for BA

Key Performance Indicators are measurable, observable, and assess from time to time to help the measurement of the performance of any project, in simple terms provides critical success areas, like cost factor, schedules, budgetary issues,, quality, and many more. KPIs demonstrate the progress  successful accomplishment of project goals and objectives, which shows status whether the project is under performed or rightly performed or overly performed.

Basically Business Analyst’s role in working with stakeholders to capture a grasping of the problem or opportunity then identifies and defines requirements for a solution that solves the pain areas and delivers value-addition to any business. Business Analysts’ can be

  • % of Time Reduction Cycle – Minimisation of cycle time which occurs after the system being implemented and expressed in terms of percentage.
  • % of projects completed on Time – Projects which completed / executed on in the specified and planned time frame based according to planned and identified baseline.
  • % of projects with missed milestones – Milestones that missed the project timelines measured and assessed in terms of %.
  • % of Cancelled projects – The projects which are started and cancelled in between for want of various reasons.

o    % of Challenged ProjectsProjects generally be challenged with multiple reason at the beginning, or in the middle and at the completion stage. The projects which can be called as challenged projects need to meet the following criteria :

o    Projects which exceeded budget by 15%.

o    Projects which delivered more than 60 days of the schedule.

o    Major scope of the project is not delivered.

  • % of projects completed on time – Projects which completed on time which can be calculated in terms of %.

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