KPIs for Business Analysts-I

KPIs to Business Analysts – Part – I

Key performance indicators or KPIs are snapshots of an organization units or a business process purely based on specific and predetermined measures. In identifying and communicating KPIs, resource need to know one’s target performance levels which represent the best way to decide the target.


For KPs are going to create value for the user to have accurate, defined and measure it in SMART way.  Provide excellent Business Analysis will not work as KPI when there is no metric to measure. Defining and communicating KPIs is the basic parameter for Business Analysts to deliver expected results or expected behaviour in the assigned tasks or activities.

KPIs for Business Analysts – Following are some of the KPIs to be measured and the effectiveness of the particular Business Analyst as far as projects are concerned.

  • % of Re-Work or Re-Design can be attributed to requirements – Re-work or Re-Design is the accountable factor happens on most of the projects, comes around 40% of total Project Cost.  According to Various Industry Research Studies, 70% of  Re-work can be attributed to ambiguous, inaccurate, undefined or missing vital requirements.
  • % of projects with prioritized requirements – Requirements prioritisation is the vital factor in ensuring the project is the first focus on list of items that should deliver high value-addition to the client’s business.
  • % of requirements fully implemented – This is part of requirements traceability; requirements must be traced through design, test, and deployment.
  • % of approved requirements not implemented- Gathered requirements need to be implemented in the form of solution to the client as the requirements can be pain points to the client.
  • % of Requirements Tested – One of the vital metric to determine, if the gathered requirements are testable and can implemented to assess and assure of what % of the requirements are actually tested at the testing phase.
  • Number of missing requirements – Absence of requirements or requirements incomplete in nature is always pose a major issue for projects success.. This particular KPI has the potential to track the requirements in terms of quantity that need to be added.

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