Listening Skills of Business Analyst

Listening Skills of Business Analyst:

1. Ensure that meetings are not overly extended?

The shorter the time you have spend in the meetings, the greater your chances of following the dialogue.

Listening for extended periods of time is usually.

People easily get distracted y and may find their minds difficult  during the course of the meeting.

making realistic time frames during which meetings are held is essential to sustaining your attention

as well as that of others.

role of business analyst in agile process

2. Use a recorder?

A recorder is not allow in all meeting and we have to take permission while  meeting participants.

If we get permission, a recording can act as a memory jogger that would remind you of important points at a future time.

This would be useful when the meeting is over.Understand your listening pattern and aim to improve it. In the interview

make sure while using a recorder  you do not miss out any important information.

 3. Take Notes?

Taking notes while the meeting is going on can help focus the mind on what’s being said.

It would also reduce the confusion  during the course of the meeting.

4. Avoid the distraction that comes from preparing to take the stage or responding to a question?

It’s all very  easy to get distracted by the angst of preparing what to say in response to what the speaker is saying.

It better to prepared for meetings can reduce both the mental and physical distractions that may surface during the meeting.

5. Avoid interruptions?

Yes in some situations, you may be passionate about what the speaker is talking about and may urgently 

want to complete their sentences for them.

Let the person speak first. This not only shows you’re listening, it also show that you have respect for the person who is  speaking.

6. Avoid day-dreaming?

your mind  get  easily distracted, you’ll need to find a way to actively call yourself back into the moment.

7. Facts are important but context can provide more insight into what the situation is?

we have to think over what the person is trying to say, understand their feelings, read their body language and “get” them.

8.Do not allow your emotions to interfere with listening?

At the times while speaker is telling , you what to say some thing and interrupt the speaker. 

Don’t do it. No matter what you think at the time, do your best not to show them, and as soon as speaker is over dont speak

immediately. You need a few seconds to reflect and absorb what was said.

Often, BAs is a people person they are interviewing, and they miss what is being said.

If you develop  your self and other skill in the next three to six months,and also improve your listening skills.

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