Must have Business Analyst Skills

Must have Business Analyst Skills

  1. Communication skills
  2. Managerial skills
  3. Planning and Negotiation skills
  4. Problem solving skills
  5. Decision Making skills
  6. Technical skills
Must have Business Analyst Skills

Must have Business Analyst Skills


  1. Communication skillsThis skill set says it all. Being a business analyst you need to communicate or interact with users, clients, management and developers throughout the project. Failure to do so will eventually leads to project failure. It’s important he needs to communicate project requirements, change requests, test results etc as and when required. Now that being said even written communication skills are absolute must.
  2. Managerial skills: On similar lines of communicating skills. It is equally important how you do that in managerial perspective. You need to maintain a good rapport with your colleagues throughout from inception to implementation of the project making it easier for a business analyst to manage the project from planning the project, scoping the project, assigning the work etc. In short the business analyst supervises the project.
  3. Planning and Negotiation skills: Once a project is approved, the BA must plan it and decide who needs to be a part of it well of course this is a collective decision along with a PM. But you need a position to assess the right resource you need. BA negotiates right from the inception of the project in line with prioritizing the requirements, functional design to resourcing the staff.
  4. Problem solving skills: During the project, there are bound to be problems pertaining to technical challenges, change requests etc.  In pursuit of solution, the business analyst is always on look out for solving the problems and move towards a projects successful completion, especially when they involve negotiation between multiple business and technical stakeholders.
  5. Decision making skills: Another important business analyst skill is the ability to make decisions. You should be in a position to take a decision during complex business matters while assessing the situation that can help you make quality, business appropriate, and defendable decisions that can help you to best service your internal clients and maximize your job performance. BA sometimes acts a Junior PM in the absence of senior management.
  6. Technical skills: It’s important that a business analyst have a conceptual technical understanding as it helps you analyze the problem to be solved and communicate with technical stakeholders, you don’t need to be able write code or run database queries

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