Principal Responsibility of BA in Project

The principal responsibility of a Business Analyst is to elicit, explore, analyse, document and finally communicate the same to the concerned parties. For the whole project, requirements act as standpoint – project scope, cost, time and resources estimation, developing coding, perform testing etc. So, if the elicited or captured requirements serve no purpose to the stakeholders especially business stakeholders the Business Analyst is not accessing the requirements in right way.

Principal Responsibility of BA in Project

Principal Responsibility of BA in Project

To document right requirements by Business Analyst, one needs to make sure or confirm the requirements with certain parameters. It means a good requirement specifies something for the stakeholders.

  1. Need – While documenting the requirements, BA need to question oneself that if the particular need is not included, what would happen? Does inclusion or exclusion of the particular requirement make any difference in turning the requirements into solution?
  2. Verification – With proper cross verification also, a BA can specify that the particular requirement is a good one or not.
  1. Attainable – Can the solution providers can surely convert the given requirements into solution can also be tested with attainability. This can be done with feasibility analysis and fitment.

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