Product Manager Vs BA


In IT organizations (those doing either internal software or custom software) ‘business analysts’ are often responsible for the gathering the detailed product requirements

Product Manager

Each product (or product area) needs that clear owner that’s accountable and responsible for everything from high-level objectives to the details of the user experience.

Product manager on border sider see conception, background research, requirements writing, interfacing with Dev and QA, and ensuring successful rollout and training of all key stakeholders (Implementation, Customer Support and Sales).

Product managers do vast market research, put market plan, Product Road Map,  Product development Strategy,  go to market strategy, financial forecasts, create market segments , Product commercialization  and are held accountable for the financial numbers of the business. In addition, they work with customers (or advisory panels), conduct user group meetings for getting the best requirements, and most importantly PRIORITIZE these requirements that would help the product be profitable, customer satisfaction

The BA’s role is confined to the requirements writing and interfacing with DEV and QA.

There are  Business or market  expert focus on competitive analysis, positioning, strategy, portfolio management.  BA’s is normally not involved in these activity.

Within organization if they don’t have dedicated product manager then BA can act as product manager

Just to more on elaborative sider Role and responsibility of a BA  would be  a subset of the Product Manager’s responsibility.

BA is completely focused on processes, schedules, plans, etc. irrespective of the “product.”

A business analyst works with the customers and communicates it to the IT team. They could assist in prioritizing, but it is the customer who actually prioritizes the requirements.

The business analysts have the potential to be excellent product managers

Below is the diagrammatic details for Roles expectation of BA and Product manager.   

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