What is Project Management

Introduction to Project Management – Project management is all about bringing the different components or parts of an application or software to develop or to successfully construct a huge structure. Organizations of all sizes will undertake projects at one time or another to improve company operations or re-engineer processes or to meet client requirements by understanding corresponding problems. Project management is nothing but handling and managing change successfully. Starting from Olympics to organizing a wedding function can be considered as a project. Project is to perform  activities that meet the specific objectives of the clients which can be used to introduce or improve a new or existing products and services according to the need and necessity.

Business Analysis

Examples of Project Management – Developing software to improve business performance, upgrade or refine the existing processes, the construction of a building or bridge or a huge structure, expansion client base or entering new geographies etc — all are comes under the term Projects.

A Project is a series of controllable activities with a designed and designed beginning and ending date with cost factors and quality standards in place. It means,Project management is definitely methodical in nature and approach to plan and guide project activities through identified series of steps or processes from start to finish successfully. Project management can be applied to almost any type of project and is widely used to control the complex processes of software development projects.

So, Project Management is an application of body of knowledge, set of skills with applicable techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently in the predetermined manner. It is a strategic competency required to deliver for organizations, enabling project results turn into business goals. A project consumes resources (whether people, cash, materials, or time), and it has funding limits.

Project management focuses on controlling the introduction of the desired change or upgradation or enhancement of the clients’ requirements. Here Project Management comprises

  • Understanding the needs and necessities of Clients.
  • Plan, organise, Direct and Schedule what needs to be done, when, by whom, and to what standards in the project.
  • Building, Motivating and sourcing the resources.
  • Establishing a network of things to coordinate the segments of work at different places.
  • Monitoring the work being done at every juncture in relation to deliverables.
  • Managing and Handling changes to the plan, as and when comes.

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