QFD -Quality Function Deployment

Its Quality Function Deployment ( QFD ):-

Quality Function Deployment qfd

In starting with this “QFD”  terminology I start thinking that its not meant for people like me(yes! I belong to Normal crowd).

But it is !!. As I am obsessed  about quality of product I use, I decide to go further….

So first starts firsts, “Quality”. It is alluring word for any customer. It could be anything services provided by your maid or hotel manager or even a sweet smile of receptionist of any reception desk. But, how to convert this smile in quantitative aspect to create benchmark of satisfaction…?

Here it goes a person with good IQ & good personal, who is more keen to provide consumer satisfaction    (Dr. Yoji Akao) did all hard work & came up with solution & technique to find out the functions of quality which are like HOQ (House Of Quality) “Pugh concept Selection”, Modular function deployment [To understand this HOQ & all other technology, we need, another Blog topics consider.]

So Basic QFD approach provide us to satisfy customer through four stages:

  • Product Planning – includes defining and prioritizing the customer’s needs; analyzing competitive opportunities, planning a product that responds to the perceived needs and opportunities and establishing critical characteristics and target values.
  • Assembly/Part Deployment – includes identifying critical parts, components and assemblies of the product, decomposition of critical product characteristics, and translation of critical components into class characteristics and target values.
  • Process Planning – includes determining critical processes and process flows, development of required techniques and technology, and establishing process control targets.
  • Process/Quality Control – includes determining individual part and process characteristics, creating process control methods to support measurement and establishing standard inspection and testing processes.

& throughout this process we maintain Quality Function Deployment Matrix, which defines prioritization & ranking. The input of this approach is product objective with given ranking which further translate into weights.

Now we can define it in My own term like “ if I am satisfied , they are qualified”. They are able to Transfer my Satisfaction (Quality) to me in my own aspect.




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