RACI Chart and RACI Model

Introduction – The RACI model is a powerful technique or tool applied to define roles and responsibilities of resources working in a project. It is a formal way of identifying roles of stakeholders, who are multiple parties to be involved. It is like delegation, which is an essential and integral part of a project and to be framed by Project Manager in consultation with all the concerned parties.

feasibility study

feasibility study

Charting out RACI Tool – RACI Matrix is representation of four aspects of from four dimensions to identify who all are involved and how to integrate with core activities in relation to project. Following are the meanings for each of these parameters:

  • Responsible: One, who performs a task or work responsible for. The buck stops here.
  • Accountable: One, who is primarily In-charge of the task or work. support the person who owns the R
  • Consulted: One, who gives feedback at regular intervals and do contribute as and when required.
  • Informed: One, who is mandatorily communicated about the action or decision taken.

Each individual who is involved in a process is either identified as an R, A, C, or I. No two individuals in one process should both have the R.

Potential Benefits of RACI Matrix – RACI Matrix is helpful in several ways; the process of creating them helps with:

  • Working with different stakeholders as and when project demands.
  • Decision-making / Problem-Solving simplifies.
  • Utmost clarification is demarcated i.e., boundaries.
  • Workload proportion can be managed which has been assigned to specific employees or departments.
  • Can potentially avoid overlooking of certain processes.
  • Finding the right balance between the line and project responsibilities.
  • Distributing of work among groups done faster in the event of redesign or rework of project.
  • Documenting the roles and responsibilities of the people within the organization

Applicability of RACI Matrix – RACI Matrix can be used efficiently in the scenarios.

  • For employees to get a clear understanding of the role and responsibilities around the work process.
  • To improve the understanding of function between departments and responsibilities within one’s department.
  • To clearly define the roles and responsibilities of team members, who are working on a project.

Conclusion – It helps to resolve any functional issues that arise within departments or between individuals. The main objectives of the project can be fulfilled in certain scenarios through RACI chart, which eliminates role ambiguity and successfully can deliver the product or service satisfactorily successfully to the customer and contribute to the long-term organizational objectives. It is an important step in any project or improvement initiative to understanding and map the underlying process that support the program being implemented or enhanced.


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