RACI Matrix

What is RACI Matrix

RACI Matrix

A RACI matrix is two-dimensional model that shows how each person in a project role is involved with each project activity.

“R, A, C, I Stands For

  • R: Responsible – Who will actually be performing this task
  • A: Accountable – Who will be called on to answer for it if this activity is missed
  • C: Contributing (or Consulted) – Who can provide the information needed about this task
  • I: Informed – Whose work is dependent on having the information that is generated from this activity?

To prepare a RACI matrix, first identify and document all of the critical deliverables for the project.  Deliverables should be represented as columns in the matrix.

Next step identify all of the roles that are represented on the project then also add the names of resources that allocated for the roles.

Finally assign a value (R A C I ) to each role and also deliverable s each resource  should meet with that activity

R A C I Matrix Uses:

  1. Guaranteeing that each project process is appropriately staffed
  2. Ensuring that project responsibilities can be quickly and effectively redistributed to a new resource.
  3. Can check against overloading any one resource on a project,
  4. Preparing RACI matrix will help us to move further resolving issues that we identify.

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