RASCI Matrix


The RASCI Matrix is a Useful tool, for defining roles and determines the tasks, responsibilities, and authority of development group members. The names or functional roles of development group members listed along the Horizontal axis of the matrix and Deliverables, activities and processes along with vertical axis.

role of business analyst in agile process

The Letters R,A,S,C,I each constitute a combination of name/role and result/process/task. The Letters stands for the following terms:

R (Responsible) : Those who do the work and are the Responsible for the result. They report directly to the person accountable.

A (Accountable) : (Person with decision Authority) The one ultimately responsible & authorized to hold accountable those responsible.

S (Supportive) : Those who provide support and assistance to the responsible for result.

C (Consulted) : Whose opinions are sought before decision or steps are taken to achieve the result (Two-way communication).

I (Informed) : Those who are informed after decision have been made or results have been achieved. They have no influence over the results.

Advantages of RASCI Matrix:

(1)The roles & responsibilities of all parties are clarified. This is particularly important regarding the position of chair of the guideline development group and who can hold the chair accountable when the things are not running smoothly.

(2)It helps clarify which role may be missing

(3)It helps who should be cooperating and coordinating with whom

(4)Support is increased by liaising and coordinating.

(5)Team work is encouraged. Duplicate activities can be prevented.

This is One of the Best way to Identify the Stakeholders in the Project There is no difference between RACI & RASCI, it is a updated one only. (Supports) will added in this matrix.


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