Reasons for IT Project Failure

Reasons for IT Project Failure

Organisations, now a days perform two types of work – operational and projects-related. Operational work is repetitive in nature and is easier to put to systematic way through processes. Whereas, projects will have definitely have a start and end dates, which are unique in nature and may involve cross-functional team players, so chances of systematization is difficult which need to develop with the help of sound methodologies and processes.


In the recent past, organizations have experienced projects not completed where reasons are multiple – not met time lines, over budget, or frequent changes in scope over a period time. There can be many factors that can sink projects without trace. Here the focus should be basic reasons why projects fail. Success or failure ultimately depends on how project leadership manages the full range of technical- and non-technical issues.

  1. Lack of proper Communication networks.
  2. Not assessing the impact of change.
  3. Lack of effective Leadership
  4. Lack of strong executive sponsorship.
  5. Poor project management framework and skills
  6. No concentration of balance on Project triangle.
  7. No clarity over technical knowledge.
  8. Poor vendor management.

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