Responsibility Assignment Matrix

Understanding Responsibility Assignment Matrix – A Project Management tool

Responsibility Assignment Matrix

Introduction – In project management, it is core activity in project management to know the stakeholders concerned with the project. It is easy to keep track of the role and responsibilities with smaller teams, whereas in bigger teams cross-department or cross-functional and inter-organizational collaboration occurs, Then, it is very important to have a more formal set-up to handle the various process to track role and responsibilities. This exercise helps diffuse confusion and gives way to clarity in terms of faster completion of projects.

Details of RACI Matrix – One of the important tools of Project Management to track the roles & responsibilities of various stakeholders in a project with Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RACI matrix).

  • Responsible – Responsible for the execution of the task?
  • Accountable – Accountable for the tasks and signs off the work?
  • Consulted – To be consulted in the event of need and necessity
  • Informed – To be updated the progress of the project at regular intervals.

The difference between Consulted and Informed categories is that in the former case there is a two-way communication (getting their inputs in the process too) and in the latter case there is just a one-way communication (just letting them know).

Example Usage – Let we understand with a simple example about Responsibility Assignment Matrix. John is developing a feature X that would be integrated with feature Y developed by Jess. Mike is the project manager and Irina heads the quality control. For feature X, in this case, John is “Responsible”, Mike is “Accountable”, Jess needs to be “consulted”, since her features have to work with John’s features, and Irina needs to be just “Informed”.

Summing up = Responsibility Assignment Matrix is a great project management tool that considerably identifies and improves the communication within the team and which helps integration of getting the tasks done at a faster way. If the matrix is used appropriately, it would minimise or cut short the amount of email noise (getting emails for tasks that you don’t need to be informed of) and helps the whole team to stay productive.


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