Role of Business Analysis in DevOps environment

Role of Business Analysis in DevOps environment

It would be very disappointing when a product or feature or system roll

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Business Analysis role in DevOps

out by your team gets failed once it reached the customers, just because it didn’t meet their needs. In today’s IT environment, Business Analyst role is vital & center in designing requirements as per the changing markets and customers’ needs.

Prior to onset of development, Business Analyst spend a lot of time in analyzing the customer needs, designing requirements and estimating costs and time related with new releases. When the release happens and if it doesn’t satisfy the customer’s needs, then it results to a great disappointment for all.

The customer is disappointed as their need wasn’t met. Operations are disappointed as they had to deal with customer’s unhappiness. Business Analyst has to specify and model designs what the customer needed. Also, management is upset as it took so much time and money to build the solution and considered a waste. Thus, by employing DevOps methodology is to be analyzed.

What is DevOps?

DevOps facilitates the companies to deliver best high-quality valued products for the customer in a timely manner & by eliminating the waste. DevOps methodology ensures in building the quality product from the beginning. It mainly emphasizes on being lean and avoid waste by retaining the basic principles of Agile and simultaneously, it enhances the teamwork between IT, operations and development.

Importance of Business analyst in DevOps environment

Business Analyst plays as vital role in coordinating between teams. DevOps practice ensures the sharing of business objectives & getting all stakeholders work towards common objective. BA is key DevOps player & go-to person for the business triumph. The main motto is to meet customer’s need swiftly & DevOps delivers by following below strategies as:

  • Building trustful, high-performance culture
  • Viewing IT capabilities as strategic assets rather than overhead
  • Enabling constant software delivery
  • Creating cross-functional teams

Business Analyst, is the front-end of the process &, as such, can impact the onset of new culture & workflow. In DevOps environment, Business Analysts comes under the part of cross-functional team and have instant and continuing input about the progress and needs because testing, development and operations all team up for the common objective of providing value swiftly to the customer. Further, a BA can drive the technique of doing work in smaller parts to be more agile & deploy incessantly.

Moreover, BA’s prioritize the requirements depending on those with highest value, thus directing the teams in their emphasis. This is a significant part of the incessant delivery of valued high-quality releases. In short, a BA should remember these below key point where DevOps is concerned:

  • Stakeholders are assimilated into projects and teams.
  • Quality is important and is every individual’s responsibility from requirements & coding to deployment.
  • Testing & quality assurance doesn’t come under a separate section. It is a main enabler of constant delivery.
  • Deliver often, delivery timely, learn & adapt. Roll planning into the incessant processes.
  • Expect failure & plan contingencies accordingly.

BA plays a critical role, which is directly impacted by DevOps environment. However, in fact, everyone who are in stake with the results of application project, are significant part of DevOps environment!


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