How the role of Business Analyst emerged?

How the role of Business Analyst emerged?

Role of Business Analyst

Why Business Analysis? Why in the world come up with a new department or a new skill set or a new profession? It is to create value addition to the organization. With the market trends, who treads, can solve one’s business problems with the time and again. Business houses need who know all about our business and how to make profits and run it successfully.  That’s how the role of Business Analyst role is emerged.

Emergence of Business Analyst Role – Business Analysis contribution cannot be restricted to only value addition to any business. It can contribute to the success of an organisation strategically to the projects being delivered by IT Organisations. If Business Analysts can be managed efficiently by placing in right place with optimum utilisation, can become an asset to any organisation and provide utmost assistance to respective stakeholders in earning profit with rich dividends and ofcourse add value to enterprises as well.

The Role of the Business Analyst growing with expansion of the problems and challenges being delivered IT related projects successfully. The BA’s roles in IT Firms are

·  To work for solution scope in relation to project deliverables. With this, the Business Analysts take lead in working towards solution scope.

·  The BA has to play lot of roles in any project like Facilitator, Communicator, Initiator, Problem-Solver, Negotiator etc depends on the need and necessity or scenario-based.

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