Many Roles of Business Analyst in a Project–Part-1

Business Analyst role mean different things to different people as far as a project is concerned. Any Business Analyst possesses a comprehensive understanding / complete picture about a particular business. A typical Business analysis approach is combination of tasks / activities, knowledge (domain & / technical) and tools and techniques needed to identify needs and necessities of business to determine solutions in relation the problems of that particular business.  International Body International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) identified that a Business Analyst need to perform any task as far as business analysis is concerned irrespective of the job title given.

Many Roles of Business Analyst in a Project

Many Roles of Business Analyst in a Project

BAs are the most valuable resources in project or for any organisation parse. BA possess the capability of working in any function or functionality in a completely diversified way and in many diverse roles. Specifically, BAs possess a broad professional education background with multi-dimensional exposure and experience with diverse set of skills in different job profiles and diverse industries. Let we examine some of the many BA roles being played by a BA in a project in the following lines.

Business Analyst as Requirements Manager in Project

BA is should take ownership of requirements, which are the one of the critical factors lead to project failure. Requirements gathering are one of the tough acts to extract from different stakeholders in project. It is crystal clear that a typical business solution development to be done by a specialist only and treated to be a specialised discipline. The BA need to implement requirements, extract good requirements among gathered requirements through capturing, documenting the same and finally manage the whole process through proper or appropriate techniques.

Business Analyst as Portfolio Manager in Project

Investments are top resources in any project and managing and optimum utilisation across multiple business units in relation to business drivers / initiatives where need to asses risks, cost factor, value-addition are challenges any business firm. Organisations need to increase velocity / pace in relation to change and innovation prevailed in the business cycles around where ultimately increase adaptability factor, need-centric structure, strictness in delivering value and matching customer need.

Business Analyst as Business Process Improvement expert in a project

Projects mostly revolve around transformation / refinement / re-design according to need and necessity of typical business cycles. Companies have many reasons to re-engineer or process improvements. Ultimately end result or outcome is process improvement.

Business process analysis revolves around improving / fine tuning business unit processes to fix the problems being faced. BAs possess good understanding about how a business / business units operates to elicit, analyse and communicate views acquired from different stakeholders.

Many Roles of Business Analyst in a Project–Part-2

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