Many Roles of Business Analyst in a Project–Part-2

BA as Business Value Manager in a Project

The typical BA is tied with task in preparing the project vision and the Business Case, Project Objectives, and the project scope. On the whole, BA is responsible and accountable for refining the benefits realisation and makes ensure that the benefits are achieved in letter and spirit.

Many Roles of Business Analyst in a Project

Many Roles of BA in a Project

BAs are involved in preparing cases to identify new business opportunities in terms of new markets and new client base. Case needs to speak about all relevant and significant change initiatives of a firm. Mangers will be part of developing business cases for every new project that benefit organisation in terms of Financial, Technical and Functional aspects.

The BA co-ordinate and make sure that key experts gather fair understand and agreement on the initiative being taken up by the organisation. This understanding in terms of depth and breadth of the project, which has impact on the solution to be delivered or implemented, Finally, it’s the BA need to be part of the task to measure results to ensure the benefits identified and specified in the case were achieved successfully.

BA as Organizational Change Leader in Project

Numerous Cultural, Psychological and Functional barriers will surface in the event of implementation of new business solution at the client’s place.  Further, many conflicting and demanding priorities crop up between various business units for want of sufficient training or ample opportunity to raise concerns or issues to be taken into consideration. Organizational change is a typical aspect being prevailed in all organisations that are ready to implement a major new solution, which is overlooked by project teams.

BA as Business Architect in a Project

Any business is multi-face, complication-oriented with Human resources, Technologies, Vendors, suppliers, customers, and ofcourse regulatory bodies. To be successful in achieving anything, organisations must understand different and often competing objectives and responsibilities from diversive dimensions. In this regard, many organizations now are opting to have a business architectural model to gain a better overview of the process and investing in better insights like complexities and to comprehend the processes and systems better to make up the business in right shape. Now it’s the BAs being part of development of a Business Architecture to model the organisations in a better which is concentration on the maturity of the business and the respective architects to map the complexities of the business.

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