Scatter Diagram

Scatter Diagram

scatter diagram

Scatter  diagram   shows  the  relation  between  two   set   of  data.  Scatter  diagram  consist  of  coordination  points.  In  a  Scatter  diagram  each   point  is  represented  by  an  Independent  and  Dependent  variable.

Independent   variable :    A  variable  whole  value  is  not  affected  by  anything  else.

Dependent  variable   : A variable  whose value is determined by the dependent variable.

A   scatter  diagram  shows   if  there  is  relationship  between  variable  and  dependent  variable.  The  more  is  look  like there  is  line stronger the relationship   .  The  dependent   variable  should   be  always  in  the  Y- axis   .   The independent  variable  should be  on  the  X-axis.

Variables   are  counted  in  positive  and  negative.     Just  we   come  with an example where we come to know meaning of Scatter diagram and it use.

Example:  An  Institute  provide  the  training  for  ABC  course  for  a month duration.  And  after  completion  of  course.   His  placements track  record  is  also  very  good mean  above 80%.  Institute  proprietor  is good profit with 15 students  per month.  If every   month  He  got 10  students . He   is   not  in  breakeven   point  but  average profitability. Consider  He  got  in  a  month  20  students.  He  having excellent profit.

Proprietor  wants  to  launch  a  new   XYZ  course. So  He  need to  analysis  quantitative  and  financial  data  with  other ratio  like  PE,  ROI  etc.  In   A   year  total   how   many   students  enrolled  and  placed  successfully .  If  student enrolled  above  average level  means  15  student  per  month why…………  If  students enrolled  below  15  than  again  Why….   If enrollment  is 10  or  below  than He need to  analysis  more  and  do  introspection.  Similarly  He  analysis  on  his   placed  data . Than  He  come  to  know  one conclusion .

Ok  last  entire  year  my profitability  and  performance  is  above  average. Than  He  is eligible  to  start  new course  XYZ . He need  to  put  more  effort and new idea  to  get  more  profit  with  satisfaction  level  of  students.  Lets   go  through below diagram.


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