Scrum Overview

Scrum Overview

Scrum is approach or framework for developing software in incremental basis. it is cross functional self organizing team. It follows fixed time period to complete task which are called sprints. Sprints can be max up to 4 weeks. In scrum large story EPIC is made to small parts which are called user stories.



There are 3 roles in scrum

  1. Product owner-Person who has knowledge about all the requirements and lead the product vision which needs to be developed, and also who gives permission to ship the final product
  2. Scrum Master-Who facilitates the smooth running of the scrum process
  3. Scrum team-cross-functional and self organizing team who works on the user stories


  1. Sprint Plan Meetings-Conducted at start of every spring and decides what they are developing and duration of sprint
  2. Daily scrum meetings- Its daily standup meeting which scrum team attends discusses about the progress or status of work and are there any  impediments that is slowing process. Its quick meeting max 15 minutes
  3. Product backlog refinement-5-10% of sprint time is given for product back log refinement. Product backlog is for entire life of the product
  4. Spring review meeting-Happens at end of the sprint, team shows the developed product to product owner and get it cleared, for a four week sprint review meeting can be max to 4 hours
  5. Sprint retrospective meetings-this happens after completion of every sprint discuss about the positives and negatives about that sprint


Product owner has two agreements

1)      Definition of ready

2)      Definition of done


Product Backlog, sprint Backlog, Release Burndown Sprint Burndown


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