Short Story to Remember Tools Names

Short story to remember Tools Names – Hope it gives you a Kick

One fine day salman khan  wanted to develop another salman Khan(Humshakal). His friend advised him to use


Prototype tools

He thought let me use justinMind developer Tool for this . He started drawing wireframe using wireframe sketcher. Now he thought I need to draw,plot and also insert some checkpoints. So he asked his friend he suggested to use tools like Pencil.pidoco and iplotz and use the software tool Axure.

So ok he got the initial idea what to do. He said My dear god you are the one who can create and fulfill my request

Requirement Tools

So Salman sent the rational request pro to got by mistake he sent  for serena requirements. Immediately he reconcile but also no problem let us do analysis of serena requirement sent by Analyst Pro. He planned to go to god’s house and wnt near IBM doors. He was tensed and he thought an idea only can save me,so he derived the idea using ideascope. In order to convince god I should be ready and hence he thought let me draw contour, blue print and a trace too to be ready to rise with irise.

  1. Documentation  Tools:

Salman started thinking and he decided to write it down and document it so that he will not forget . He approached his friend . He said to use document Tools which are commonly available. Documentation tool salman was very comfortable  with MS-office.

He thought to use some othe tool so he used tool from Adobe called Buzzwod . Salman always think free and he wrote with Zoho writer.

  1. UML tools.

Salman likes to depict in picture rather than words hence he started using some tolls

MS- visio. He is always smart so he decided to use smart draw and also conceptualise  his thinking he decided to use concept deaw. To visualize he decided on visual paradigm. Salman is very kind he wanted his Humshakal(similar Looking) also to be star else he to become agriculturist. Hence he started using star uml and agro uml tool. He constructed the case using enterprise Architect and completed his thought of drawing picture with case complete. He was very much happy and decided to give a gift rationally withrational rose.

Modeling Tools

Salman  wanted his humshakal also to become a model person and an active person hence he decided to use Active Modeller  ,ebpmn,oracle business suite and stored it in I server.

Screen capture  Tool

Salman was very happy with his work and captured the screen with snagit.

Brainstorming tools

He called saif ali and sharukh for brainstorming for more information and to improve his idea. After that session he  noted the points using evernote and with  a freemind.


He noted the minutes and using minutes sense .

Change request Tools

After brainstorming he sent the changes to be made to God with Rational Clear quest but god is god  with  perforce he said no and he accepted with affinity.

SDLC Tools

There is no way hence salman appointed a Project Manager to complete the development. This Manager used MPP,ALM complete ,pivotal tracker and  rational focal point.

Software development Tools.

Software tools Like RUP was used

Testing tools

After few months project manager completed the project successfully. They want to test the project. So they appointed test managerwho did all the testing with win runner, test runner, Load runner, qtp, silk test removed the bugs with Bugzilla and it was done at HP quality center.

Enterprise Architecture.

Salman was very excited and decided to build the project with proper vision provision and TOGAF.  After building the data has to be stored .

Database Base Tools.

Salman appointed ERWIN Data Manager and he developed the data base with PHP my admin, MYSQL Bench,sql server 2008,Navicat,Microsoft Access.

Report Tools

Salman was very tired doing all this activity but it was late night to get some additional energy he has Rational Soda and the he wrote reports, J reports,crystal report, oracle report etc.

At last salman was very happy having been completed his project. Thanked God and all his colleagues in helping him to complete the project.

and gave a gift Rational Rose .


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