Software Development Life Cycle-SDLC

Software Development Life Cycle – SDLC

Software Development Life Cycle

Introduction: Developing software or application development is a cumbersome activity requires identification of requirements, implementation with precision and finally deployment in the clients’ place. Maintenance and support to be provided after the transition of software, which is another crucial part in application development and implementation.

Systems development is combination of clearly defined and distinctive work phases and processes which are developed by systems engineers and systems developers for planning, designing, building, testing and delivering the developed application or software at the clients’ place. So the whole process is like manufacturing on an assembly line in a manufacturing unit. SDLC claims and aims to achieve high quality systems that meet or exceed customer expectations, based on customer requirements captures within agreed scheduled time-frames and within cost estimates.

What is SDLC? A software development life cycle (SDLC) or software development   process is a methodology an organization follows to develop software or application that must   use to be successfully. It is a framework that describes the activities to be performed at each stage of a software development project before getting into the actual task of development.

SDLC is also referred to as the application development life-cycle or software development process model.SDLC is used during the development of an IT project, which describes the different stages involved in the project from the drawing board, through the completion of the project.
Phases of SDLC can vary from project to project or again depends on the client’s aptitude towards the solution one looking for. Generally following are the phases to be there in a SDLC model.

  • Conceptualization.
  • Requirements and cost/benefits analysis.
  • Detailed specification of the software requirements.
  • Software design.
  • Build / Code / Develop.
  • Testing.
  • User and Technical training.
  • Maintenance & Support.

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