Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

Software Testing Life Cycle ( STLC)

  1. Requirement Gathering:

Activities: Prepare the list of question or queries and get resolved from Business Analyst, System Architecture, Client, Technical Manager/Lead etc.

Deliverables: List of questions with all answers to be resolved from business i.e. testable necessities

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

  1. Test Planning:

Activities: Define object & scope of the project.

List down the testing type drawn in in the STLC.

Test effort evaluation and resource planning.

Selection of testing tool if required.

Define the testing process overview.

Define the test environment necessary for entire project.

Prepare the test schedules.


Test strategy document

Testing effort estimation document.


  1. Test case Development

Activities: Preparation of test cases.

Preparation of test automation scripts

Deliverables: Test cases.

Test data.

Test Automation Scripts


  1. Test environment setup:

Activities:Analyze the requirements and prepare the list of Software & hardware required to set up test environment. group the test setting.

Deliverables: Test Environment will be ready with test data.

Result of Smoke Test cases.


  1. Test execution:

Activities: Based on test planning execute the test cases.

Mark condition of test cases like Passed, Failed, Blocked, Not Run etc.

Deliverables:Test case execution report.

Defect report.


  1. Test cycle closure:

Activities: Evaluate cycle completion criteria based on Test coverage, value, price, Time, important Business Objectives, and Software set up test metrics based on the above parameters.

Prepare Test closure report.

Deliverables: Test Closure report

Test metrics

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