What is meant by Software testing?

Software testing is an important part of the software development process. Software testing is the process of evaluating that a computer program/Application/Product or its components with the intention of verification and validation of the specified or identified requirements which is in relation to client’s needs and necessities. Features of software Testing are

  • Meeting the requirements that are related to the functionality of the developed program / application in relation to its design and development.
  • Can be implemented with the same characteristics and satisfies the needs of stakeholders.


Objectives of Software Testing

  • Uncover as many errors / bugs / defects as possible.
  • Validation and verification of a given software or application to match the specified specifications.
  • To exercise the software testing process with minimum cost and helpful in reporting the problem reporting.

Right time to start testing has many options for the effectiveness of the particular phase. Corporates follow different approaches to test the given application. Testing can be implemented in the development process of software application. Traditionally, testing occurs after the requirements have been defined, turn these requirements into design and develop the coding for the identified design. The methodology of the test phase is governed by the chosen software development methodologies or models.

Different SDLC models or methodologies take software development from different angles or dimensions which have considerable impact on the test effort at different points in the development process. In normal course test execution surfaces after the requirements have been defined and the coding process has been completed.


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