Solution Scope

Why Solution Scope?

Many projects most possibly struggle at some point if the scope is not defined properly. It is the right move to start any project with clearly defined Solution scope at the disposal. It is very important to a Business Analyst  to understand and define the solution from scope point of view.  Also is critical to  define the Solution Scope even before entering the Requirement Elicitation phase.

Solution Scope

What is Solution Scope?

It is nothing but related to  What to be included in solution in terms of functional & non-functional features purely. Business Analyst is the  owner and creator of Solution Scope. It is the general practice that solution scope is defined prior to project scope, which can give clarity to project manager clarity in terms of magnitude of complexity, risks associated with, likelihood of success rate and creates a foundation for estimating project Cost and base timelines.

It speaks about solution to be implemented,gives shape how a solution look like, how it functions etc. The main purpose of defining and creating it is to conceptualisation of the recommended solution to enable concerned parties or stakeholders to understand better about  business capabilities being delivered in therm of new IT business solution.

Defining the Solution Scope by Business Analyst

Business Analysts must model it properly to define scope innovatively to address the current business need and capabilities in relation to future perspective. This particular approach will definitely will help the business stakeholders to visualize the solution and can understand better how the solution look like when delivered. This works as guidelines for requirement elicitation in the event of when Business Analyst working on capturing detail requirements.


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