Stakeholders in Documenting Requirements

Which stakeholders are benefited in Documenting Requirements?


Documented requirements provide information to all the stakeholders concerned in a project. Initially it is useful to design team, afterwards to testing team and other project stakeholders depend on the need and necessity.  For instance, Project Managers are the persons who plan the project from end to end do estimate time lines, prepare plan of action towards resources allocation with budget-centric approach. For the above act, Project Manager needs documentation or documents requirements. To update clients about changes and its impact on end users or users happens only with right documentation of requirements.

More specifically, Design team and Testing team need proper documents to turn the requirements into IT solution which is nothing but an application to be delivered to the client. For that purpose, requirements are documented according to the need and necessity of different stakeholders in the project. We are here discussing about the documented requirements how helpful to Design Team and Testing Team.

Requirements Documented being used by Design Teams

The documented requirements are used to create the physical design and user interfaces at the design stage of SDLC.  Design team need to develop the functional and non-functional specifications, performance rules & regulations, business, security etc., are taken from the various documents, which are requirements. Here Design team plugs the gaps which are undefined or difficult to understand. It may leads to avoid scope creep or rework in the advanced stages. So, if Business Analyst provides qualitative requirements in the early stage itself pave way to deliver a better application.

Requirements Documented being used by Testing Teams

Proper documentation of requirements help the testing phase personnel for  creating effective test plans and test cases, which further help to setup the test environments, which gives refinement to test strategy etc.

The BA, eliciting requirements or documenting the requirements, should always think that the requirements are apt for mapping the functionality or how can one test this particular requirement. The piece of act can pave way to document the requirements according to different stakeholders’ need and necessity.


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