Test Plan &Strategy,Test Schedule&Case

Difference between Test Plan & Test Strategy,  Test Schedule & Test Case

Test Plan

Test Strategy document

Test strategy document is a high level document and normally designed & developed by project manager. This document defines the software testing approach to achieve the software testing goal & objectives. The Test Strategy is normally derived from the Business Requirement Specification document.

The test strategy document is the static document in the project. It defines & establishes the standers for testing process & activities and test plan draws its content from those standards set in the test strategy document.

Some time companies include” Testing Approaches” and ” Test strategy” inside the test plan which is fine for very small project but  for Larger project these is one test strategic  document and different number of plans for each phase or level of testing.

Component of test strategy document:-

  • What is Scope and objectives of
  • Identification of Business issues
  • Resources Roles and responsibility
  • Test deliverability
  • Test automation & testing  tools
  • Communication and status reporting
  • Industry standard to follow in project
  • Risk and mitigation and testing measurement and matrix
  • Defect reporting and tracking
  • Training plans for during the project

Test Plan document

Test plan document is prepared from a Product description & Software Requirement Specification (SRS), or Use Case Documents (UCD).

The Test Plan document is prepared by the Test Lead or Test Manager along with business analyst and the objective of the document is to describe what features  to test, how to test, when to test and who will be doing what test

It is common to have one major Test Plan, which is a common document for the testing phase and each testing phase do have their own Test Plan documents.

There are many views on the topic  whether the Test Plan document should also be a static document like the Test Strategy document as described above or should it be updated every often to reflect changes according to the direction of the project and activities.
As per my experience when a testing phase starts and the Testing Manager does controlling of the activities, the test plans that should be updated to reflect any deviation from the original plan. After all, Planning and Control are all the continuous activities in the formal test process in the document.

  • The Test plan document component
  • Test plan id
  • Introduction
  • What features to be tested in the product?
  • Which features not to be tested?
  • Resources required for  trainings & development for employees
  • Testing techniques
  • Testing tasks
  • Suspension criteria
  • Features pass and fail criteria for the testing
  • Test deliverables
  • Responsibility of resources
  • Schedules of the testing phase

Test Schedule

test plan should make an estimation of how long it will take to complete the testing phase. There is certain requirement to complete testing phases. Very first, testers have to complete all test cases at least once. Then, if defects/bugs were found, the developers will need to fix/Remove the problem. Then testers should re-test the failed test case until it is performing correctly. Then-after, the tester need to conduct regression testing towards the end of the cycle to make sure the developers did not accidentally break parts of the software while fixing another part. This can occur in the test cases that were previously functioning properly.

The test schedule should also document the number of testers available for testing. If possible, assign test cases to all testers one by one.

It is often difficult to make an accurate estimate of the test schedule since the testing phase involves many uncertainties. Planners should take into account the extra time needed to accommodate contingent issues.  One way to make this approximation is to look at the time needed by the previous releases of the system/Soft. If the system is new, multiplying the initial testing schedule approximation by two is a good way to start.

Test Case

A test case has components that explane an input action or event and an expected response to determine whether the features of application is working correctly or not

Sometimes business analyst prepares the test case to facilitate the UAT (User acceptance test)

Test case document component

  • Use case diagrams
  • Use case
  • Use case descriptive document:- Description of behavior of application

o   Basic flow

o   Alternative flow

o   Expected flow

For i.e. – Login an account


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  1. K M Naveen 2 years ago

    What is the difference between a test script and a test case? Please explain with an example for each.

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