What is Testing?

Software Testing – It is a process to identify the correctness, completeness and quality of developed application or product in relation to the client expectations. It is a continuous process of executing a program / application under positive and negative conditions by manual means or automated means. It checks for

  • Specification.
  • Functionality.
  • Performance.
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Why Software Testing?

  • Testing has the potential to identify the cause impact on mission of the application, operational performance and reliability.
  • Effective software testing delivers quality software products satisfying user’s requirements, needs and expectations.

Objectives of Testing

  • Uncover as many as errors / bugs / defects as possible in the developed application or software.
  • Demonstration of the developed software’s or product’s performance in real-time scenario.
  • Validation of the quality of the software testing by minimizing the cost with best possible efforts.
  • Give way to generation of high quality test cases, perform efficient tests, and give correct picture with helpful bugs / errors / defects report.

Need for Testing the Software application or product

—  There is no standardized process of developing an application

—  The Testing ensures the

—  Precision of Application Functionality.

—  Requirements identified earlier are met.

—  Ensuring Precision.

Summing up, the purpose Testing phase is to

—  Ensure that the developed application or software is matching the identified Specifications.

—  Giving client the actual picture of the application regarding bugs / defects / errors.

—  Verification of the developed software is meeting the client’s expectations in terms of user friendly and experience in operating it.

—  Suggestions, if any for the improvement of the working experience with the developed product or application.

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