What is UAT Testing 2 ?

Traits of a Good UAT Tester – UAT testing is one of the most crucial phases of software development and the resource who part of this phase definitely the one of the most important testing roles, as validation of the system should meet the business being identified at the beginning of the project.  UAT is most of the time is the final phase of activity in a project, as after this the system goes live. So this is the reason UAT testing needs multi-faceted skills, to allow the particular resource to play. Following are the qualities give ability to conduct a proper UAT test.

what is Software Testing

what is Software Testing

  • Should possess background experience of  operations from user point of view, may not  involved in the overall IT project
  • Posses effective communication skills, not to be part of politics and should be in expectation of the developed system to fail.
  • Not to be involved in user specifications at the same time to be part of independent reporting structure with lots of initiative.
  • The attitude should possess at this juncture is lateral thinker, tenacious and analytical.

The Role, Activities, and Deliverables of theBusiness Analyst during UAT – Business Analysts has the potential to make good UAT testers as they are no way connected to technicalities of software and also different from the developers. Also fair chances are there that Business Analysts understand the business requirements better and can prepare test scenarios and test data with precision, can be realistic and to the point as far as need analysis done from client’s point of view. This allows the Business Analysts to be the better resources among the project resources and is in a position to define the context in which the system with right mind set and this will be used and better assess its fit for purpose. Functionally, Business Analysts have a vested interest in ensuring the system developed should meet all the quality requirements and so naturally are seriously perform rigorous testing.

Tasks of User Acceptance Testing –
DuringUAT phase,, certain steps are to be followed for endurance and assurance of system  functionality to be tested thoroughly and all in all earn the eligibility to meet the business needs or the exact business requirements of the client.

  1. Analyse functional Requirements from client’s business point of view.
  2. Identify possible UAT Scenarios.
  3. Define the UAT Test Plan.
  4. Create UAT Test Cases.
  5. Run the Tests.
  6. Record the Results with possible remarks.
  7. Confirm Business Objectives are met in relation to clients’.


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