What is User Acceptance Testing 1?

Introduction – User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is one important sure ways to reduce or eliminate change requests, which drastically and considerably reduce scope creep in terms of cost, budget and quality.  UAT acts as an effective approach or method high rate of returns in plugging the time to implement and follow its discipline. Discrepancies like missing from the software development life cycle which is vital to organizations, a great opportunity to improve  and betterment of project success.

what is Software Testing

what is Software Testing

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) ,
which is also called beta testing or application testing or end user testing. It is one of the phases of software development process, where the software is tested in the real world scenarios by the identified audience or a business stakeholders / representative. Technical testing of IT systems and components is a highly professional and exhaustive process, whereas testing of business functionality is an entirely different ball game.

The Goal of UAT Testing –
If we put a question to the stakeholders of project or business or business representatives thatWhat is the goal of a software test is, the answer surfaces is to prove that a system developed what it is supposed to do’. Definitely, this answer is not what exactly is and absolutely incorrect. It supposes to demonstrate the necessity to define some fundamentals about software testing. Another insipid answer to the above question is the goal of testing is to find faults or defects in the developed application of software.
The actual answer to the goal of User Acceptance Testing is to assess ( validate and verify) if the system can support day-to-day business and user scenarios by ensuring the system is sufficient and appropriate for business usage.

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