What is IT Project Management?

IT project management is different to general project management, where the emphasis is on Software Development. It is the process of planning, organizing and assigning responsibility for giving solution to any organization’ specific  goals related to Information Technology.


What is IT? It is the study or usage of systems (combination of computers and telecommunications) for storage, retrieval and sending in the proposed format to the esteemed parties.

 What is an IT Project?

  • New or enhanced functionality to hardware, software or IT Services.
  • Temporary endeavour with a start and finish.
  • Creates a product or service.

What is IT Project Management? IT project management is a knowledge base in which IT Managers do give software solutions successfully to clients. It consists of the various methodologies and tools that assist the organisations in the planning, moderation, and execution of a project related to Information Technology. The project manager responsible to gathering, organizing, and directing the project resources to provide an efficient result. It’s the core responsibility of IT project managers to increase productivity of organisations through well developed software applications.

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